PHP Conference Australia

April 14th & 15th, 2016 - Sydney, Australia

PHP Conference Australia is aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers. Our events are all about working together to inspire each other to greater heights in our skill and share our passion for coding, with the purpose to build and educate about new technologies and ideas.

Our first day is filled with intensive workshops, followed by a second day jam-packed with innovating presentations. We will welcome some amazing international and local speakers, leading companies and renowned personalities to share their tricks of the trade. You will learn about the latest innovations, network with peers, advance your PHP practices and solve business challenges.

What to expect? Please check out some of the highlights from our 2015 inaugural event on this brief video.


Zeev Suraski

Zeev Suraski is one of the principal authors of the PHP programming language. His involvement with PHP dates back to 1997 when he co-created the foundation for PHP 3 - the first version of PHP that resembles 'modern' PHP. Zeev later spearheaded the PHP 4 project - which made PHP the most popular development language in the world for Web apps, contributed to PHP 5, and is to blame for the sixth version of PHP being named PHP 7. Zeev co-founded Zend Technologies in 1999, serves as its CTO and leads the company's R&D teams.

Zeev Suraski


Chris Hartjes

Chris gives back to the programming communities that have helped him by mentoring, speaking at conferences, co-organizing the TrueNorthPHP conference and author of multiple books.

Chris Hartjes


Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is currently working with DreamFactory to help them better reach developer communities with their open source project.

Jessica Rose


Wim Godden

Wim Godden has been working with open source technologies since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as PHPCompatibility and OpenX.

Wim Godden Solutions

Ben Edmunds

CTO of an awesome company you've never heard of by day, hacking on crazy ideas by night. PHP Town Hall podcast co-host. Author of Conference speaker. Open source advocate. Human.

Ben Edmunds

PHP Town Hall

Harald Zeitlhofer

Harald Zeitlhofer has 15+ years of experience as an architect and developer of enterprise ERP solutions and web applications with a main focus on efficient and performant designs, implementations and usability. As a technology strategist he influences the Dynatrace product strategy by working closely with developers, testers and operators, driving their performance management and improvement at the front line. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetup groups around the world.

Harald Zeitlhofer


Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin is the Executive Director of Creative Contingencies, an Australian company specialising in customised web services, digital research and event management tools. She is a passionate advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions for small business and education.

Donna Benjamin

Creative Contingencies

Sven Dowideit

Sven Dowideit works for Docker Inc, and spends time finding interesting ways to use application containers.

Sven Dowideit

Docker Inc

Joshua Rich

Joshua Rich is a technical support engineer at Elastic. He comes from a background in scientific research and high-performance computing and is no stranger to dealing with big data solutions.

Joshua Rich


Artur Ejsmont

Artur Ejsmont is a passionate software engineer and agile leader, currently heading platforms team at Yahoo!7 in Sydney. Artur has been working with web applications since early 2000s.

Artur Ejsmont


Joshua Li

Joshua Li, Senior Drupal developer in Technocrat. Josh has been working in Drupal community for 6 years. He spent most of his time in Australian public sector projects.

Joshua Li



April 14th, 2016 - Australian Technology Park

Chris Hartjes

Learn to Test Like a Grumpy Programmer

You've been doing PHP development for a while but you find yourself constantly battling bugs, finding it hard to integrate bits of code together, and staying late to do deployments. You know there is a better way through test-driven development but you have no idea where to start. More info...

Ben Edmunds

Your API Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

In this workshop we will walk the full development life cycle of constructing a RESTful API, what makes an API your consumers/developers will love, and why you should eat your own dog food with API Driven Development. More info...

Wim Godden

My app is secure... I think

With more and more sites falling victim to data theft, you've probably read the list of things (not) to do to write secure code. But what else should you do to make sure your code and the rest of your web stack is secure? More info...

Sven Dowideit

Dockerize your application stack

Learn how to take a working web app with several moving parts to a set of Docker containers that can be used to develop, test and deploy with.Bring your own application stack, or learn by working with the one I use as the example. More info...

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Australian Technology Park

ATP is home to a diverse and innovative business community, and hosts one of Australia’s most unique venues for conferences and exhibitions.

Housed within the historic Locomotive Workshops, the Australian Technology Park’s Conference and Exhibition Centre is steadily gaining a reputation for excellence, creativity and flexibility.

Instructions on how to find the place on:

Places to Stay:

Hotel Pullman Sydney Hyde Park / Speaker Hotel

36 College Street, 2010 SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA

#phpOZ16 / Book Here for a 10% discount on regular rates.

Sponsors 2016

Rasmus Lerdorf - PHP Creator

Keynote speaker.

Michael Widenius - MySQL and MariaDB creator

Keynote speaker.

Jordi Boggiano - Compose Creator

Composer best practices.

Premshree Pillai - Senior Engineery at Etsy

Building scalable systems for tracking shipping packages.

Zach Holman - GitHub

Move fast and break nothing.

Davey Shafik - Community Engineer at Engine Yard

PHP: Under the hood.

Chris Pitt - Developer at Silverstripe

Asynchronous PHP.

Bashar Al Fallouji - Senior Solution Architect

Writing clean and testable code.

Ben Dechrai - CTO For Hire

Going viral for fun, not profit.

Steven Cooper - Developer Evangelist - Paypal

IOT commerce and PHP.

David Zeulke - Senior Engineer at Heroku

Designing HTTP interfaces and RESTful web services.

Dave Clark - Technical Director at 4mation

Developing stable applications with PHP and 3rd party services.

Dustin Whittle - Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics

Performance testing crash course.

Pierre Joye - Software Engineer - PHP Core Dev

PHP7 HHVM and Co.